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When a mother is reunited with her son after weeks, months or years of no contact … well, that mother will obviously have a million reasons to smile! She will probably cry tears of joy and find it hard to believe her eyes. It never matters what caused the separation. It never matters how old the child is. All that matters is that your child, your son, is gone. And, as a mother, you feel like you have lost everything. And then, after the days turned into years, your son is back … and you feel like you have a reason to live again. All the sleepless nights, all the grief and sadness … are instantly forgotten and forgiven, and you experience an incredible feeling of joy and elation. You want to touch him, hug him, and hold him close – and you never want to let him go again. Today, this is how Mrs. Suiter feels … because today she found her son Tommy. The Results: From: B Suiter [] Sent: Tuesday, Oct 26, 2013 6:32 PM - Mr. Burns, This is B Suiter and the most amazing thing has happened, I heard from our son! Today out of the blue he called; he is in a hospital but is ok so we are overwhelmed with emotion and joy. I just wanted to let you know so that you could update your website or remove him whichever you do. Thank you so much for the service you provide at Video Locators to families in need, the Lord will surely bless you for your concerns and care. I am remaining a friend on FB as I see your post and repost some when I can. Thanks again! B Suiter From: B Suiter [] Sent: Monday, Nov 1, 2013 6:04 PM To: Mr. Burns Subject: Re: Tommy Suiter HOW - He heard about your website and someone told him he saw his picture somewhere, so he called the old place where he had stayed at before and they told him yes we had posted it and here is our number! It is so amazing; he calls now every day and his life in good condition again. Thanks so much Mr. Burns!

Philip and Frank Wesley

The year 1969 is usually associated with the first Moon landing, the Vietnam war, and hippies at Woodstock. Yet for Claudia, 1969 was a year that changed the course of the rest of her life. Just three weeks after Woodstock, Claudia was giving birth to two twin boys in Manhattan, New York. In an era that promoted peace and love, the court system created suffering and chaos when they took Claudia's twins and sealed the court records. She has not seen her boys since. Claudia has had to live with the most unthinkable nightmare of losing her children for over 4 decades now. Can you help Claudia? What if you were her? If you have any information about the twins, Philip and Frank Wesley, you could help reunite a family torn apart 43 years ago. At video locators, you can find information about missing people like these twin boys and reunite loved-ones. It's about people helping people. So, see whose life you can change today, at Video Locators.

Troubled 12 year old boy Missing Jaliek L. Rainwalker

Jaliek had a tumultuous childhood that started off when he was born addicted to crack cocaine. His birth parents were drug addicts, which forced Jaliek to become a foster child. He was torn in and out of six foster homes until he finally found his family, Stephen and Jocelyn. It was Jaliek's chance at a stable, loving family. Yet, in such a short amount of time, he was ripped away from his new parents, protectors, and a possibility at a normal teenage lifestyle. During November 2007, Jaliek disappeared during the night and his adoptive father has not heard from him since. Can you help Jaliek? He is just a boy, and has vanished. Maybe you can help another child that is missing too? At Video Locators, there is a database of missing children, like Jaliek, that need your help. It's all about people helping people, at Video Locators. Please help these missing children today. Son Vanished and Parents died.

Branson Kayne Perry Reward: $15,000.00

Easter is a time of new beginnings, welcoming of spring, and celebration of the resurrection. Most families celebrate with Easter bunnies and baskets. However, on Easter of 2001, instead of searching for Easter eggs, the Perry family members were searching for their son, Branson. On the day he went missing, his father was in the hospital and was expected to return soon. Branson, being the devoted son he was, wanted to do something nice for his father. He was cleaning their house, and repairing his father's car when he vanished in broad daylight. His father died in 2004 and his mother passed away in 2011. Neither of them ever saw their son again. Tragedies like this happen every day, and that is why Video Locators was created. Video Locators has a website where you can search posts about missing people, like Branson. Even someone you know may be in danger. Not only can you help them, but you also may be their only hope. Go to to help reconnect a family before it's too late.,br />Video Locators, it's about people helping people.

Baby Stolen from Crib while parents Slept Christopher Enoch Abeyta REWARD: $100,000.00

A bright blue-eyed boy was born Thanksgiving Day 1985. When most families were sitting at the table eating turkey, this family was in the hospital giving thanks for Chris, their new healthy baby. Unfortunately, the celebration came to a screeching halt only 7 months later, when Chris was kidnapped. Most families feel safe when they are inside their homes, but for this family, that security was stolen the night of July 15, 1986. Not only was Chris in his crib in the family home, but his mother and father were sleeping just a few feet away in the same room. Imagine, tucking in your little boy one night, everyone is safe, warm, and joyful. The next day your family is in panic, and the course of your entire life is altered. How can a mother and father live with optimism after losing a child? 26 years later, Chris's family is still searching, and need your help. Have you seen Chris? Or another missing person? How do you know who's missing? Take a moment to search the missing person database on the Video Locators website. Be apart of people helping people, at Video Locators.

Finding A Brother Lost In Foster Care

I wish I could turn back the hands of time to those days when our parents were still there to take care of us. The day they were visited by those two menacing strangers that came to take us away was like a nightmare. I could not understand why my brother and I were being taken to a foster care home but I really didn’t expect to stay long. I just wanted to go back home. It was not because of how they took care of us. The foster care family was nice and kind so my brother and I felt comfortable, but we were concerned about where our parents went and how they were doing. After that, my brother was the only person I really trusted and cared about and he was the most important thing to me in the world. We had heard stories of siblings being separated but I tried not to think about it happening to us because it was too painful to bare. Sometimes the families would come back for the sibling later on but not always.

My biggest fear was realized on a day I will never forget. A man and a woman who came by and they really adored my brother. He was so cute that everyone would love him, but I hated those two people who took him away. I remember the look of my foster family as they held on to me so I wouldn’t chase after the car that was driving away with him. Unfortunately, that family never came back for me. I really miss my brother. I’ve missed him every day of the past 15 years we’ve been apart. I love him and need to know if he’s happy and safe or if is he just OK. Not knowing leaves a hole in my heart that can only be filled by him. His picture is just like any other 10 year-old torn away from his family but when it’s your own brother staring back, the longing and sadness haunts you. I can only hope and pray that one day I will find him.